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Atari Transformer Assembly Application Guide

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Use this guide to identify the version of transformer assembly (sometimes called the "power block") that you need for your Atari game.  Click here for the top level of our home page.

To identify a transformer assembly, the easiest way is to start by looking for the Transformer Part Number.  This is not the same as the Power Supply P/N.  The actual Power Supply P/N is not printed anywhere on the assembly (why, I don't know) so don't waste time looking for it - go right to the Transformer Part Number instead.  The Transformer Part Number may be printed in white ink on the side of the transformer.  If not, it may be stamped on the underside of the transformer (visible by flipping over the entire assembly).

Also listed below is the schematic part number that applies to a given power supply.  The only place that number is used is on the schematic package for each game.  We're listing it just to be complete - it won't help you identify what you have.  This is just a partial listing of course.

Atari Transformer Assembly Comparison


Transformer P/N Power Supply P/N Schematic P/N


A034561 A034561 034633

Asteroids Deluxe (International)

A035888 A035892 035887

Asteroids Deluxe (US)

A036354 A036353 036352

Battlezone (US)

A036354 A036353 036352
Battlezone (International) A035888 A035892 035887


A035888 A037671 037669


A037395 A037396 037394
Lunar Lander A034623 A034561 034633
Major Havoc A037395 A037396 037394
Millipede A035888 A037671 ?

Missile Command

? A036099 007197

Missile Command (Sitdown)

A036098 ? ?

Missile Command (Cabaret)

A036098 ? ?
Red Baron (US) A036354 A036353 ?
Red Baron (International) A035888 A035892 035887


A037395 A037396 037394

Other ways to identify a Transformer Assembly

  1. In general, the transformer assembly from most color raster games can be used in most B&W vector games, but not the color vector games.  If the transformer assy. in your game doesn't match what's in the table above, don't panic.  If you accidentally use the wrong transformer assy. from a B&W vector game with a color monitor, it won't do any damage (but it won't work either - ask me how I know :-).

  2. The transformer assembly for the color vector games does not have pins at locations 12, 14 and 15 of the 15-pin output connector.  All of the other versions we've seen have pins in all 15 locations.

  3. Power supplies that have two 3-pin connectors on the top surface (in addition to the 3-pin power input connector on the side) are intended for games that need additional 120V connections for things like cooling fans.  There's nothing else special about them.

  4. The easy way to determine if you have an early Asteroids or Lunar Lander Transformer Assembly is to flip it over and look at the rectifier.  If it's made up of two large discrete diodes, then it is one.  If it's got a bridge rectifier with four leads going to it, then it's not.

Created 1/15/2005.