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Atari Regulator/Audio Application Guide

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Regulator/Audio II Comparison

Dash #

+5V +12V +22V -22V -5V Audio


X         X






X   X X   X


X         X


X X X X X  

Dash # Cross Reference

Arabian (A035435-06) (even though the bill-of-materials calls out a -02)

Asteroids (A034485-01) - see note #1 below

Asteroids Deluxe (A034485-03) - see note #1 below

Battlezone (A035435-02)

Black Widow (A035435-02)

Centipede (A035435-02)

Cloak and Dagger (A035435-02)

Crystal Castles (A035435-01)

Dig Dug (A035435-01)

Fast Freddie (A035435-06)

Food Fight (A035435-04)

Football (4 Player) (A034485-01)

Gravitar (A035435-04)

Kangaroo (A035435-06)

Liberator (A035435-02)

Lunar Lander (A034485-01)

Major Havoc (A035435-04)

Millipede (A035435-02)

Missile Command (A035435-03) - see note #2 below

Monte Carlo (A035435-03) - see note #2 below

Pole Position I and II (A035435-01) - 2 req'd

Quantum (A035435-02 or -04)

Red Baron (A035435-02)

Return of the Jedi (A035435-02)

Space Duel (A035435-04)

Star Wars (A035435-02)

Tempest (A035435-02) but the -04 board will work just as well

Warlords (A035435-02)

Xevious (A035435-01)


  1. The "dash" numbers on Regulator/Audio and Regulator/Audio I boards are not marked, so it is not obvious which is which since they both have the same basic part number (A034485).  An easy way to tell the difference between the -01 and the -03 is to check the pair of large capacitors near the SPKR 1 and SPKR 2 test points.  If the value of the caps is 1000uF, then the board is a -01 (Asteroids).  If the value of the caps is 3300uF, then the board is a -03 (Asteroids Deluxe).  They are *almost* interchangeable - the sound will be slightly garbled but everything else will be OK.
  2. The -03 is almost identical to the -02.  Since Missile Command (and apparently Monte Carlo also) needs more current on the +12V and -5V line, it uses different current limiting resistors.  Therefore, a Missile Command with a -02 installed may not operate properly.

Lasted updated on 8/19/2005.